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Sustainability dashboard - Hotel industry

Sustainability dashboard - Hotel industry

The objective of Bioscore was to generate greater engagement with its own customers (hotels) by developing a dashboard with exclusive access for each one of them, where they can interact with updated information and facilitate decision-making.

With this, they managed to enhance their current service and appear as an innovative brand. In turn, they reduced by 90% the manual tasks dedicated to file management and chart and report assembly.

Starting from different files with scattered information, we implemented the following solution:

  1. We analyzed the data sources, file structure, and different variables and indicators of the hotels.

  2. From a cost-benefit perspective, we selected the most appropriate tools for the project.

  3. Having defined to work with Google Cloud, we set up a data warehouse with BigQuery.

  4. We built functions in Python to extract, enrich, and transform the data for ingestion into BigQuery.

  5. Using SQL to extract Bioscore metrics, we transformed the data to create the final view that connects to the dashboard.

  6. We created an interactive dashboard in Locker Studio, with restricted access according to each client.