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Sales data platform

Sales data platform

Our project for Santillana aimed to transform and modernize their process of collecting and analyzing sales data from various countries, eliminating manual tasks, reducing the risk of errors, and improving information accessibility.


Streamlined Process: We optimized the processes of information sending and centralization, eliminating the handling and emailing of files. The time dedicated to manual tasks was reduced by 80%.

New Data Structure: We reorganized scattered data into different categories and variables to facilitate interpretation and analysis. We created a standardized framework that simplifies metric development and visualizations.

Data Cleaning: We conducted a comprehensive data cleaning to correct errors.

KPI Analysis: We analyzed and recommended the best KPIs for sales tracking, providing detailed documentation on calculation logic and expected segmentation. We automated these metrics in the data warehouse to enhance their reliability.

Accessible Historical Record: We developed an accessible historical record for all countries, enabling effective historical analysis.

Interactive Dashboard: We implemented an interactive dashboard connected to Bigquery and Power BI for efficient data sharing. We created an interactive dashboard structure with tables, filters, and segmentation levels, along with visual proposals for each indicator.

This project not only optimized Santillana's data management but also laid the groundwork for a smarter and more efficient data-driven decision-making approach!