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Business Intelligence

Tecnologías usadas en este proyecto:


Google Cloud Platform


Pipedrive CRM: Integration and Data Visualization

Pipedrive CRM: Integration and Data Visualization

We developed a successful data integration and visualization solution for an Australian agency, allowing them to centralize and integrate multiple Pipedrive (CRM) accounts...

Our team worked closely with the agency to design and develop a highly effective data integration solution. Leveraging Google Cloud capabilities, we seamlessly connected several Pipedrive accounts to a centralized data warehouse. This integration facilitated the extraction, transformation, and loading of CRM data into a unified repository.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we established a robust data pipeline that enabled the agency to aggregate and store their CRM client data in a structured and scalable manner. This data warehouse became the single source of truth, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions, sales activities, and pipeline performance across multiple clients.

To unlock the true value of these centralized CRM data, we implemented multiple macros and dbt models. These automated tools allowed for cleaning and transformation of raw Pipedrive data into market models, seamlessly connected to customizable dashboard templates.

By centralizing CRM data and providing powerful visualizations, our solution enabled the agency to deliver sleek custom reports to their clients in a scalable and flexible manner. The implemented solution not only enhanced their ability to provide valuable insights but also improved their operational efficiency.

We take pride in our partnership with the agency, and the successful implementation of this data integration and visualization solution underscores our commitment to creating effective and tailored solutions for our clients.