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Business Intelligence

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Google Cloud Platform


Marketing: Data integration and visualization

Marketing: Data integration and visualization

We successfully built a data integration and visualization solution for a leading Australian agency specializing in reservation system management and digital marketing support for accommodation providers.

The main goals of the project were to collect and centralize data from multiple marketing and reservation sources, including YouTube, Google Reviews, Facebook, Booking, and other platforms. In addition, the agency aimed to create customized panels for each client/property, enabling them to share information with external clients and establish a centralized view for internal comparative evaluation between multiple clients/properties.

Our team efficiently developed a robust data integration solution that seamlessly collected and centralized marketing and reservation data from various sources. By automating data extraction and consolidation, we significantly reduced labor-intensive manual processes, resulting in cost savings for the agency.

To facilitate data sharing with external clients, we created customized panels for each client/property. These panels provided comprehensive information on key performance metrics, allowing clients to monitor their marketing and reservation data in real-time. This enhanced visibility allowed clients to adjust their marketing strategies based on comparisons between multiple clients, driving their competitiveness in the market.

Internally, our solution allowed the agency to establish a centralized view of data from multiple clients/properties, facilitating comparative evaluation and analysis. This consolidated view allowed the agency to identify trends, patterns, and best practices in their client portfolio, enabling informed decision-making and optimization of marketing strategies.

The successful implementation of our data integration solution improved operational efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and provided valuable insights for the agency and its clients to improve marketing strategies and drive business growth.

We take pride in creating customized data visualization and management solutions that address the unique needs of our clients in the reservation management and digital marketing space. Our collaboration with this leading agency exemplifies our commitment to delivering effective solutions that help our clients succeed.