Healthy Poke

Healthy Poke

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

Tecnologías usadas en este proyecto:


Google Cloud Platform


Business data automation

Business data automation

Healthy Poke was looking to reduce the manual tasks of extracting and consolidating data from different sources: Revo (point of sale), Gstock (restaurant management), Deliverex (order integration), and other Excel files.

Prior to the implemented solution, the company spent a lot of time centralizing and manually transforming sales data to create various pivot tables with information about the business, categories, locations, clusters, and other relevant aspects.

The solution included automating the processes of data extraction and centralization, creating a new information schema in a cloud warehouse, automating calculations and indicators with Python functions, and creating an interactive dashboard with key visualizations for agile and flexible business monitoring and decision-making.

This greatly reduced data preparation times and minimized manual errors resulting from file manipulation. Simultaneously, by implementing a centralized database, Healthy Poke was able to easily incorporate new data sources in the future and create new indicators and dashboards for its business.